Digital ART ….Yes or No?

Pencil and Ink on Paper

I have always been a doodler. In the early days mostly on paper, with pencils and the occasional ink pen. I love the feel of the different papers. I like the resistance they generate when the pencil moves across its surface. I like that paper is tangible.  As time past and I moved into watercolors, acrylic and even pastels (though my arm was twisted) and discovered a world of new papers, brushes and techniques. I love experimenting. I assume that anyone with even a twinkle of creativity love to experiment. From beautiful happy accidents to mud smeared on the surface of something…it’s all wonderful. Messy but, wonderful. My number one problem is that when I travel…be it a cruise, a camping trip to the lake, or a 5,000 mile road trip. I get completely frustrated as to what to take on the journey. I want everything. Just in case I might need that pen, or that eraser. This self induced dilemma drives me nuts.  I am getting better…a little better…not much really. A lot of my hand drawn pieces are then scanned into the computer where I can play with them some more, or incorporate them into project…like a CD Cover, poster etc.  This means I also have to take my bigger laptop just in case. Can you see how quickly this can get out of hand? I’m not even going to start with my music and guitar.

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When Winston Met Sparks – Finale

Winston looked at the puppy, who was already staring at him. His little nub of a tail began to wag as if he knew something good was going to happen. What’s his name?”…Winston asked. “Doesn’t have one yet” the man replied.  “What would I have to do if I wanted to keep him?” Winston asked.  “Come in sign some papers, get his tags and he’s all yours…he laughed…but I think he knows he already is. Would you look at that tail go”. 



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When Winston Met Sparks- Part 2

Winston only lived a couple of blocks from the town square and he could already smell the fresh bread baking at the bakery. Maybe he would have to add some to his list, He thought to himself. Winston turned the corner on to Main Street and saw a power utility truck. Its bucket was going up and up beside a tall power pole.  There was a man inside the bucket with huge rubber gloves on and Winston chuckled.  He looks like a seal with flippers…he chuckled again and began to whistle as he waked by.

Winston see’s a Utility Truck

Winston noticed the back door of the Animal Shelter was standing wide open and it was dark inside. Maybe the power is out and that’s why the repair man was in the bucket. He was going to fix it. Makes sense…he thought, as he continued walking toward the square.  Then something caught Winston’s eye. It looked like something was looking at him from the shadows inside the Animal Shelter. Just two shiny eyes. That’s all Winston could see. He started toward the door thinking maybe one of the animals got loose and he’d tell someone to check it out. 
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When Winston Met Sparks

A stream of sunlight shone through the slit between the curtains and caused Winston to stir from is peaceful night’s sleep.  He sat up and stretched his arms above his head and arched his back listening to the crackle of the bones.  I’m either getting old…or I need a new bed he thought to himself as he slid toes into his comfy house shoes.  He drew aside the curtains revealing a glorious sunrise and he could hardly wait to get dressed and go for his morning walk.


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Sparks….The Inside Story

A Kiss Good Morning

Every morning, just as the sun comes up, Winston is awakened by his canine sidekick “Sparks.” Now, the story about Sparks and Winston’s coming together is a legend in its own right. Several versions are out there traveling from ear to mouth…mouth to ear of the youngest of the young on playgrounds, in mystical fortresses…even the back rows of church.  To the older than dirt crowd sitting in a corner booth at the McDonald’s down by the by-pass. They sit there, telling stories of their conquests, losing the ones they loved, storming the beaches of the “war to end all wars” or being ambushed on the edge of a rice paddy. Sparks was highly regarded by these honorable men and women.

So why am I telling you this? Hopefully, to set the story somewhat straight. It

Sparks, the most Interesting dog in the world

seems I learn something new every day about Sparks…and it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction. However, this I know for sure. Sparks is Winston’s constant companion and confidant. Read more ›

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Winston …The Reuniting

After high school Winston went to college. I went to work. I did this job and that job. I played drums and sang in a couple of blues bands. Traveled the Texas coast playing in one dive after another until I decided, I wasn’t going to be a “Rock Star”, and moved back to Oak Cliff. I continued to play some…. and took whatever day job I could find. In my mind, I would get the occasional letter from Winston. He would tell of great adventures, and of the people he met while traveling for his studies. I imagined being with him, and would often times fantasize the life he must be living. I missed Winston, but I was too grown, I thought, to be hanging with him anyway. 

Years past by, I was now married, had some kids, a house and a reasonably steady job…a real adult gig. I was happy. I had time to do some drawings…mostly doodles but, that was better than what I had been doing. I love art. I would draw something and give it away. It made me happy that others like my drawings. That’s better than money any day. It just does’t pay the bills. Read more ›

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What about Winston…?

Winston (my alter ego) and I have been friends since before we started school. I posted this picture I found from when we were in the 1st Grade in Waco Texas. Winston didn’t have Sparks back then but, that’s a whole ‘nuther story. Winston was always the class thinker, artist, and wordsmith. With his perfect attendance record, and a report card filled with “smiley faces” he was the only student allowed to have his own office on school grounds; where, every day after school, he worked on something called the “internet” and was tutored in several languages along with quantum physics.

I walked the halls most of the time. Sent there by the teacher until I could get focused on my school work. When the end of school bell rang it was like I had been granted freedom from the dungeon of oppression….and I was out of there like a shot.  Winston never left school until it was time for dinner.  After dinner we would ride our bikes in the glow of street light and see how many crickets we could squash. Read more ›

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Young Art, Old Art, Rushed Art

My Finger Painting Masterpiece (7 years old)

My art is as eclectic as my old self is. Every day is a new day (and a blessing). I never studied anywhere. I took a couple of short classes but, usually ended up frustrated with myself because whatever I was working on wasn’t perfect, and I was always in a he rush to complete whatever it was.  There was no need to rush…I was just compelled to rush. I sincerely believe this compulsion to rush was instilled in me by one of my elementary school teachers. Seems like yesterday. There she was hovering over me while I struggled to create the perfect depth and symmetry to my finger painting master piece. Yep, that’s the one posted on here. My mom (RIP) saw it as the masterpiece I knew it was and kept it tucked away.

I’m still hung up on creating lines and colors that flow and intertwine forever. The other piece posted here is my version of adult finger-painting.  I call it “Embryonic” it’s not one of those cool “Pours” just me swirling colors. Read more ›

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Trees are Peaceful Havens


An imaginary tree from the "Mind of D"

Green Eye Tree

When I was little I used to climb every tree I could; even though I was kind of afraid of heights. Going up was a challenge but, coming down was really hard for me. It was that all too short a time in the middle that was magical. I would find a good spot and squiggle into it. Legs dangling. Arms wrapped around a convenient limb…just in case, I would assure myself. I would sit there, at what seemed hundreds of feet in the air to me. There I had a commanding view of my yard, the top of my neighbor’s garage and all the way to the alley behind it.   Read more ›

April is Child Abuse Month

April is Child Abuse Month. We see the horror stories in the media every day. If you think a child (or any person or animal) REPORT IT. Just get the ball rolling. Support the Children’s Advocacy Center (and the Animal Shelter) You want the madness in the world to stop. Do something other than complain on Facebook. Rant-Ranted here is a poem I wrote and turned into a video for you. Please watch, comment and get involved. Thank You.


I enjoy receiving comments and questions.  Please leave them below. -Peace

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