When Winston Met Sparks – Finale

Winston looked at the puppy, who was already staring at him. His little nub of a tail began to wag as if he knew something good was going to happen. What’s his name?”…Winston asked. “Doesn’t have one yet” the man replied.  “What would I have to do if I wanted to keep him?” Winston asked.  “Come in sign some papers, get his tags and he’s all yours…he laughed…but I think he knows he already is. Would you look at that tail go”. 



Winston went inside and was filling out the paper work when he came to the blank spaces that said…animal breed and animal’s name. “Just put mixed in the breed blank and whatever you want in the name blank” the man said, standing behind the counter.  Winston thought a minute.  “Sparks. I’m going to call you Sparks. We would have never met had those wires not sparked and brought you to me. I knew there was something special about today”. Winston put the papers in his pocket, paid for the small red collar and leash, attached the dog tags and he and Sparks headed out the front door toward the square.



Even though Sparks was a puppy he mimicked Winston’s every move. It was as if he had been trained by a professional. Winston was amazed. Everywhere he went that day he was complimented about Sparks.


Children couldn’t get enough of him and, it was quite obvious, Sparks couldn’t get enough of the children’s attention.

Shopping done the duo headed home. As Winston approached his neighbor Mike’s house Mike shouted “Winston…where’d you get that dog?” Winston replied…”I didn’t get the dog…he got me.  See you in the morning Mike.” 

Now you know the story…come check in once in a while and see what’s up with Winston, Sparks and the “Mind of D”

Whether whimsical, serious, abstract, done in ink, watercolor, acrylics, oil or enamel, on a board, a scratch pad or a canvas… “What it is, is what it is….it just falls out of my mind into the pen”. Richard Davies has been a writer, artist and musician most of his 67 years. Though very eclectic in his median, each is used to create a tangible representation of an important moment, event or thought from the minutest everyday occurrence to the earth shattering event that numbs the mind.

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