Slept Like A Rock



  “I slept like a rock” . I inwardly hate it when someone makes that statement. It’s not that I hate the person, or the sharing of information about their great night’s sleep. It is hate based totally out of the envy of not being able to make that statement myself. I guess, I could say I slept like a rock, that is if rocks sleep three to five hours a night and rose between 5 and 6 am every morning, regardless of when they went to bed. In my case bed is never before 10 pm and more often as not… around midnight.

I follow all the rules. No late eating. Dark, cool room. No TV watching in bed. A little fan noise in the background. Super cozy bed and my heart shaped “huggy pillow” that is a carryover from heart surgery a few years back. No matter the results are always the same. I’m staggering down the hall feeling like I’d been beaten in the night. I feel more rested after waking up from a colonoscopy. Rocks, on the other hand, sleep in river beds or flower beds and even ant beds. Think about it. It’s just not fair. Read more ›

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“Doodle” vs “ART”

Church Doodle by R Davies

      The other day I was asked, what I considered, the difference between a “doodle” and an actual piece of artwork. To be honest, I’d really never thought about that before. I have framed doodles, given away doodles and sold doodles. I have had people tell me “I just love your ART” and “We love your Doodles.”  I even had a 4″ x 4″ “Church Doodle” (pictured) win Best of Show in a juried exhibition at a real art gallery. So, now I’m confused. What do I do?  A good friend of mine wrote a great piece about what art is…or was and passed it on to me. Of course,  I could just copy that right on here and I’d be done. However, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do…she wrote it….and I couldn’t find it anyway. 

After some pondering, I came to the conclusion that I am not a “Fine Artist” having been trained by or, studied under, someone big and powerful like the “OZ”   I just picked a pencil (a crayon when I was little)  and made lines, circles, and squares to relieve my boredom, pass the time or control my alphabet (OCD, ADD, ADHD etc) mental  conflicts. I realized years ago that I could listen and understand  much better when I kept the “other ” side of my brain busy…doodling, folding paper, squashing clay or anything that kept me occupied. 


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Dream Guide

Dream Guide

I don’t sleep well. Three to five hours is usually average. It seems to me that lately I’ve been dreaming a lot. Makes me kind of wonder because I brought my “Dream Guide” reconstructive sculpture home from the Big Cuppa Coffee Shop in Morrilton the other day…where I must brag about it’s winning “Best of Show” I think everyone just wanted to touch his/her soft brain. That being said, I’m glad it is back home and I hope  it take me on some dream adventures. We’ll see. Peace and Blessings

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Alone in a Yellow Room

My doodle of the day

How can you be alone in a yellow room?

Answer:  When you are by yourself.

This is an image that came to the Mind of D early in the morning. I am learning to use this blog thingy as well as learning to use my new iPad Pro to create art. I sketched this this morning on the iPad Pro using Sketchbook Pro and the Apple pen. It’s all new to me…and I’m old and slow.

Please be patient with me.  I love comments and suggestions and will be adding some of my artworks to Zazzle, Redbubble, Fine Art America and who knows what else . This way you can buy my art before I’m dead and get it printed on all kinds of things…not just to hang on the wall. Usable art is sweet. Stay tuned. Peace


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Littleman and the Floating City

Littleman and the floating city image

The Story of Littleman and the Floating City

Littleman and the floating city image

Littleman and the floating city image



Littleman carefully eyed the floating city.

He had not seen anything like it before…and he had traveled far down the road to no-where.

Was this it? Had he finally made it no-where?

Either way, his feet hurt, and his little head was beginning to hurt too.

Littleman took off his shoes and floated off to sleep.

The end.


About this doodle

I doodled this today.  Created with pen and scanned into my computer and then added color digitally. I love starting from a clean piece of paper and letting whatever happens happen.  Little Man just appeared there with his briefcase, overcoat and little head. Obviously he was going somewhere. But, where? I gave him a floating city from another doodle and let him go there and rest. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings.

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