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When Winston Met Sparks

A stream of sunlight shone through the slit between the curtains and caused Winston to stir from is peaceful night’s sleep.  He sat up and stretched his arms above his head and arched his back listening to the crackle of

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“Doodle” vs “ART”

      The other day I was asked, what I considered, the difference between a “doodle” and an actual piece of artwork. To be honest, I’d really never thought about that before. I have framed doodles, given away doodles

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Littleman and the Floating City

Littleman and the floating city image

The Story of Littleman and the Floating City     Littleman carefully eyed the floating city. He had not seen anything like it before…and he had traveled far down the road to no-where. Was this it? Had he finally made

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