April is Child Abuse Month

April is Child Abuse Month. We see the horror stories in the media every day. If you think a child (or any person or animal) REPORT IT. Just get the ball rolling. Support the Children’s Advocacy Center (and the Animal Shelter) You want the madness in the world to stop. Do something other than complain on Facebook. Rant-Ranted here is a poem I wrote and turned into a video for you. Please watch, comment and get involved. Thank You.


I enjoy receiving comments and questions.  Please leave them below. -Peace

Whether whimsical, serious, abstract, done in ink, watercolor, acrylics, oil or enamel, on a board, a scratch pad or a canvas… “What it is, is what it is….it just falls out of my mind into the pen”. Richard Davies has been a writer, artist and musician most of his 67 years. Though very eclectic in his median, each is used to create a tangible representation of an important moment, event or thought from the minutest everyday occurrence to the earth shattering event that numbs the mind.

2 Comments on “April is Child Abuse Month

  1. Great eye opener, your poems resonate with the struggle children who are abused face. Thank you for spreading awareness!

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