Sparks….The Inside Story

A Kiss Good Morning

Every morning, just as the sun comes up, Winston is awakened by his canine sidekick “Sparks.” Now, the story about Sparks and Winston’s coming together is a legend in its own right. Several versions are out there traveling from ear to mouth…mouth to ear of the youngest of the young on playgrounds, in mystical fortresses…even the back rows of church.  To the older than dirt crowd sitting in a corner booth at the McDonald’s down by the by-pass. They sit there, telling stories of their conquests, losing the ones they loved, storming the beaches of the “war to end all wars” or being ambushed on the edge of a rice paddy. Sparks was highly regarded by these honorable men and women.

So why am I telling you this? Hopefully, to set the story somewhat straight. It

Sparks, the most Interesting dog in the world

seems I learn something new every day about Sparks…and it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction. However, this I know for sure. Sparks is Winston’s constant companion and confidant.

Though his breed is questionable.  Sparks is part this, that and the other. No-one knows where he came from…just that he was “detained” by animal welfare agents when he was observed sitting alone in the local park drinking Kool-Aid from a discarded cup and sniffing all the wrong…you know what I mean.

 However, this I know for sure. Sparks is, loyal to a fault, creative, curious of everything, a deep thinker and 100% an adventurer.

I personally believe that Sparks is possibly, the most interesting dog in the world.


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