Alone in a Yellow Room

My doodle of the day

How can you be alone in a yellow room?

Answer:  When you are by yourself.

This is an image that came to the Mind of D early in the morning. I am learning to use this blog thingy as well as learning to use my new iPad Pro to create art. I sketched this this morning on the iPad Pro using Sketchbook Pro and the Apple pen. It’s all new to me…and I’m old and slow.

Please be patient with me.  I love comments and suggestions and will be adding some of my artworks to Zazzle, Redbubble, Fine Art America and who knows what else . This way you can buy my art before I’m dead and get it printed on all kinds of things…not just to hang on the wall. Usable art is sweet. Stay tuned. Peace



I love comments and questions.  Feel free to send them to me below. – Richard



Whether whimsical, serious, abstract, done in ink, watercolor, acrylics, oil or enamel, on a board, a scratch pad or a canvas… “What it is, is what it is….it just falls out of my mind into the pen”. Richard Davies has been a writer, artist and musician most of his 67 years. Though very eclectic in his median, each is used to create a tangible representation of an important moment, event or thought from the minutest everyday occurrence to the earth shattering event that numbs the mind.

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