“Doodle” vs “ART”

Church Doodle by R Davies

      The other day I was asked, what I considered, the difference between a “doodle” and an actual piece of artwork. To be honest, I’d really never thought about that before. I have framed doodles, given away doodles and sold doodles. I have had people tell me “I just love your ART” and “We love your Doodles.”  I even had a 4″ x 4″ “Church Doodle” (pictured) win Best of Show in a juried exhibition at a real art gallery. So, now I’m confused. What do I do?  A good friend of mine wrote a great piece about what art is…or was and passed it on to me. Of course,  I could just copy that right on here and I’d be done. However, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do…she wrote it….and I couldn’t find it anyway. 

After some pondering, I came to the conclusion that I am not a “Fine Artist” having been trained by or, studied under, someone big and powerful like the “OZ”   I just picked a pencil (a crayon when I was little)  and made lines, circles, and squares to relieve my boredom, pass the time or control my alphabet (OCD, ADD, ADHD etc) mental  conflicts. I realized years ago that I could listen and understand  much better when I kept the “other ” side of my brain busy…doodling, folding paper, squashing clay or anything that kept me occupied. 


     Okay, back to the question abut “ART and “doodling” I say, that they are one in the same…especially if the piece causes thought, enhances emotions, tells a story, expresses feelings or opinions and makes the “Artist / Doodler” happy… or brings them peace of mind. All this without regard to the media, the style, the location it was created or the skills of the person involved. 


     Did I actually answer the question, or ramble all around it? I think I did.  Your opinions are welcomed. Just remember. This commentary is not about training, education and skills. It is about whether or not lines, circles, smiley faces and stick people on a crumpled piece of paper that hangs on a refrigerator next to a 2nd grader’s school calendar meets the criteria, In my humble opinion, makes it ART.

As for me…I am a doodler, I doodle everywhere on anything. My favorite pencils, ink, Copic markers and drier watercolors. My favorite doodle surface…paper. Printer card stock to be precise. Favorite locations…in the car while my wife shops, in church (yes in church) about the sermon, waiting rooms and in any class/training I might be attending…it’s how I take notes. 

Am I an “Artist”?  In my mind, yes.  Do I do other “art things”? Yes.  Can I be a little (a lot) out there? Yes, Yes, Yes. That’s what makes it fun.  I wrote this for a presentation to some kids about art Pen and Ink…will help you think, about the world around you. Draw a picture or write a poem what’s inside you…will astound you”! 

We are all artists in our own special way. Don’t let people tell you otherwise.  Peace, Love, and Blessings from the “Mind of D”


I enjoy receiving comments and questions.  Please leave them below. -Peace

Whether whimsical, serious, abstract, done in ink, watercolor, acrylics, oil or enamel, on a board, a scratch pad or a canvas… “What it is, is what it is….it just falls out of my mind into the pen”. Richard Davies has been a writer, artist and musician most of his 67 years. Though very eclectic in his median, each is used to create a tangible representation of an important moment, event or thought from the minutest everyday occurrence to the earth shattering event that numbs the mind.

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